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The League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) is a network of operating and grant-making corporate foundations and corporations that promotes and enhances the strategic practice of Corporate Social Responsibility among its members and the larger business community, towards sustained national development.

The league has been annually holding CSR Expo since 2001,where the best of Philippine CSR is showcased through a multi-day conference and an exhibition. The event is held every first week of July which has been proclaimed as “CSR Week.” The themes adopted by this annuaal expo trace the development of CSR in the Philippines.

The LCF is divided into five committees: Arts and Culture, Education, Enterprise Development, Environment, and Health.

This year’s CSR Expo was themed “Isang Bansa. Isang Bukas. Sabay sa Pag-unlad.” This is a symbol that the league is supporting President Aquino’s INCLUSIVE GOVERNANCE strategy. A strategy that is aiming for inclusive growth.

During the Expo, several speakers gave their own definition of Inclusive Growth. They also suggested ways on how we will be able to achieve this as a nation.

I’m lucky enough to be able to attend this important event because I am the new chairperson of our company’s CSR arm. They asked me to attend this Expo to gain new insights and to learn more about CSR. I went there prepared to be a passive expectator, I never planned to be an active participant.

However, after listening to inspiring messages, I was inspired to make a difference. This desire to make a difference beyond my limitations pushed me to ask the LCF Board during the Art and Culture Committee’s breakout session to include drafting of resolutions to succeeding CSR Expo. Fortunately, Gab Medina (Travellers International Hotel Group) and Marj Villanueva (Lopez Group Foundation), heads of LCF’s Culture and Arts Committee affirmed my proposal.

Below is the copy of the one-page proposal that I’ve drafted:
05 July 2013

Augusto Carpio III
Chair, League of Corporate Foundations
Chair, LCF CSR Expo 2013
Executive Vice President and
Chief Operating Officer, Aboitiz Foundation

Dear Mr. Carpio:

Warm greetings of solidarity!
I salute you for your untiring dedication in promoting corporate social responsibility in the Philippines. Undoubtedly, the League of Corporate Foundations’ annual CSR Expo has been taking great strides in bringing us closer to achieving the goal of reclaiming the glory of our beloved country for the past 12 years.

However, I believe that the CSR Expo will be more effective if we can include drafting of resolutions in the proceedings. This becomes even more important because this will give us, the delegates, not just the speakers, the opportunity to analyze the given issues or problems, and at the same, it will also give us the opportunity to design our own unified solution.

In line with this, the Arts and Culture Committee during our breakout session has agreed to come up with and present a resolution for the conservation of heritage structures in the archipelago. This resolution shall be forwarded to the government and each member company will keep a copy of the same as a reminder of their commitment towards its realization.

I would also like to encourage the other LCF Committees to draft their own resolutions. It could be an internal or external resolution. Internal resolutions are those that can be achieved within the group while external resolutions are those that need assistance from the government.

On behalf of the Open & Distance Education Student Support Alliance of the Philippines (ODESSA), the former UPOU Concerned Students Organization, I would like to express our deepest gratitude for the opportunity to present this suggestion to you and to the League of Corporate Foundations’ board. We are hoping that this suggestion would make succeeding CSR Expos more effective in attaining inclusive growth that benefits and encompasses all segments of society especially the basic sectors.

In the service of the Filipino,
Very truly yours,
Louderick “LOU” Mercado
The LCF Arts and Culture Committee heads, Gab and Marj, requested me to set another meeting to further discuss this proposal. Sylvia Lichauco-De Leon (President,Lola Grande Foundation) and Beth Baril (Resource Officer, Knowledge Channel) are helping me to make this great endeavour a reality. I firmly believe that this proposal will be instrumental in uplifting our nation’s dignity once the LCF Board adopted it and incorporate it during CSR Expos.