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Communism is doomed to fail.

I’m positive that this is what George Orwell wants to say through Animal Farm. He wants us to realized that communism’s struggle to establish a classless society is great (through Old Major’s speech), but it is doomed to failure because there is no assurance that the succeeding leaders who will continue this struggle will stick to its original noble principles and not turned into tyrants themselves (like what Napoleon and his successors did). Orwell wanted to avoid this from happening, that’s whty he wrote this novel to open our eyes to the possible dangers communism might bring.

I cannot blame Orwell for having negative notion about communism, for the type of communism he witnessed during his time, under Stalin’s regime, was really not the type of communism Marx envision to see as expressed in The Communist Manifesto – where the working class or the proletariat is the one ruling.

Though I salute Orwell for presenting a serious topic in a humorous way. However, I’m a litle sad because this novel once again “demonized” communism in the eyes of people who don’t take time to analyze history.

So, is communism doomed to fail? Definitely not! I believe that communism is still young compared to its counterpart – capitalism. Thus, we should give communism time to grow. It will be unfair if we will use capitalism’s achievemetns to give communism a suddent death. Let’s take the Russian experience as a failed experiment. Let’s learn from their mistakes.

We should not stop until we reach the end of history! Remember, we have nothing to lose but our chains!