About Ang Tagapagmulat

ANG TAGAPAGMULAT (The Eye Opener) is a blog aiming to bring back the glory of the Philippine nation by helping Filipinos understand their gloriuos past. This blog will also discuss the different issues affecting Filipinos worldwide, both past and present.The author will also share some of his personal experiences from time to time.

For your comments and suggestions, please send them to: louderickmercado@gmail.com.

Mabuhay ang Lahing Filipino! Mabuhay ang Bansang Pilipinas!


LOU MERCADO is a working student from the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU).

His main advocacies includes: promoting alternative learning and education system in the Philippines;promoting good governance in and outside UP;and the advancement of the indigenous people’s rights.

He loves serving others, eating chocolate goodies,and reading history books. He also prefer speaking and writing in Filipino for he believes that our language,like any other language in the world, can be a medium for intellectual discourse. After finishing Associate in Arts, he will pursue a degree that will lead him to a teaching career (AB History, BS Secondary Education Major in Social Studies or Bachelor in Education System) or any community development related post (Public Administration or Community Development).

Lou will find personal satisfaction only by serving his fellow Filipinos in his own simple ways, while pursuing his own personal development. His ultimate dream is to see his beloved Philippines, in its full glory again.

“Kung hindi tayo, sino? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan?”

Mga Puna
  1. Di-Nagpakilala ay nagsasabing:

    I’m proud of you, bro! ❤

  2. Edrich ay nagsasabing:


  3. maquidato ay nagsasabing:

    tibak… hello 😀

  4. Babaeng Mamboboso ay nagsasabing:

    KATRIBU 🙂 wowsss…

  5. deleted ay nagsasabing:

    kala ko naman netibo ka talaga.. anyways keep it up and continue educating our youths about philippine history and its people. pak na pak!

  6. deleted ay nagsasabing:

    tanong bakit madaming socail climber na pilipino? anong impluwensya ito nag mula?

  7. sapilingngmasa ay nagsasabing:

    Ang pagbabalik! Hahaha.

    • Hemp Oil ay nagsasabing:

      Any additional recommendations you’re willing to share with me? Might you have any more helpful insights? I seriously love this writing a ton! I am going through some of these same problems as well. Might there be any peer reviewed papers on this subject or any closely related topics? I kind of find this funny for some odd reason.

  8. Di-Nagpakilala ay nagsasabing:

    pareho tayo gusto ko rin ang history….
    gusto kung yun ang major ko………..

    isa kang idolo….nakita ko lang ang blog mo…

    • sapilingngmasa ay nagsasabing:

      Maraming salamat sa iyo kaibigan. Bihira ang mga taong humahangan sa taong tulad ko. Mas madalas, ‘weird’ at ‘boring’ ang tignin nila sa mga hilig ko. ^_^

    • wine insiders ay nagsasabing:

      I am continually browsingon the internet for tips that can help me. I just do not see what the big deal might be. Ever traveled to West Virginia? You must really have a good head resting on your neck. I really enjoy the style of writing. It’s really shocking you do not have a larger following.

  9. Di-Nagpakilala ay nagsasabing:

    Ipagpatuloy mo ang magandang adhikain sa buhay ng mga kabataan tungo sa magandang kinabukasan! Tnx a lot. Gladyz from down-under.

  10. Di-Nagpakilala ay nagsasabing:

    It’s about our national anthem and our pledge. After decades outside our country, we do really forget them. Yesterday naisipan naming irecite uli ang panatang makabayan l, ni isa sa amin di ito madiretso. Yes, it was a shame ni isa sa amin di mabuo ito at nagkabuhol buhol na kami. Kaya po sa tulong ng google, here i found your blog.Thank you po sir.

  11. Di-Nagpakilala ay nagsasabing:


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