Definitely not! When Emilio Aguinaldo declared our independence on June 12, 1898, our country was then under the control of the Filipinos except for Manila, which served as the last bastion for Spain. Filipinos were not allowed to enter the capital during that time, that’s why the Americans and the Spanishs took advantage of this situation. They staged a fake battle in this city on August 13, 1898 also known as the Capture of Manila. This mocked battle legalized the Treaty of Paris signed by the two countries on December of that same year. This treaty formally transferred the control of our country from the Spanish to the Americans.

In other words, the revolutionaries were successful on liberating our country from Spain, therefore the Spanish don’t have the right to sold our country to the Americans.

Analyzing all of these, we can say that the Philippines was already free before the Americans came in, thus we don’t owe them our freedom. Without them, our country can stand by itself…Benevolent Assimilation is just their sugar coat on colonizing our country (which is another issue again).

I will not allow (not now, not ever) any Filipino to thank the Americans for our freedom because our heroes fought hard for it, they even sacrificed their own happiness and lives just to achieved it.


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