Technology: Good or Bad for The Filipino Youth?

Posted: Mayo 14, 2012 in Commentaries
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Last Friday, I decided to go to a computer shop near my place because my personal computer broke down. I have no choice because I have a quiz that I needed to take online that day.

 Upon entering the shop, the noise of high school students playing an online game ushered me. While waiting for the shop owner to unlock my computer, I’ve noticed that the lady sitting on my left was busy copying information from Google. On the other hand, the young man sitting on my right was busy navigating his windows from Facebook to Youtube.

As soon as my computer was unlocked, I started to take my quiz. It took me almost an hour to finish it and fortunately I passed. After paying my dues, I decided to leave the shop immediately to eat lunch. I’m actually few steps closer to the sliding door when I’ve noticed this one little girl. She caught my attention because she seems very focus in what she was doing. I assume she’s doing her homework or doing a research of some sort.  Out of curiosity, I decided to sneak a quick look to her screen and I was very disappointed in what I discovered. I can’t believe that she’s playing the same online game that the teenagers were playing too.

Walking my way home, I realized that the younger generation fully embraced modern technology compared to the older ones. I can’t blame them because they actually grew up with it and there’s no doubt that it eventually influenced various aspects of their lives. Advancement in technology has changed how young people define entertainment, how they view social communication, and how they understand education. 

 Is technology good or bad for the Filipino youth? What do you think?

(This was written July of 2011)

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