Entertainment: How Young Filipinos View It?

Posted: Mayo 14, 2012 in Commentaries
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Entertainment is the first aspect greatly influenced by today’s technology.

 Young Filipinos’ definition of entertainment is completely different from Filipinos who grew up two decades ago. This is proven by their preference to stay in front of a computer playing online games alone instead of playing traditional Filipino games outside. Traditional Filipino games and online games are equally entertaining, but they have different advantages and disadvantages too.

Let’s begin with their advantages. Filipino games promote the value of camaraderie that can develop their intra-personal skills more unlike playing online games alone. Since these games are passed from one generation to another, playing these games during your childhood will make you more appreciative of your Filipino heritage as well. On the other hand, online games promote self-sufficiency that will eventually lead them to acquire the ability to accomplish things alone than the traditional games. People who are exposed to online games earlier are also more computer literate than those who are not.

Moving to their negative effects, online games are proven to produce more harmful effects compared to traditional Filipino games. However, there are no proven negative effects of playing traditional Filipino games yet rather than getting bruised from time to time. In contrast, people who always play online games are more prone to develop health problems such as obesity due to lesser to no exercise at all. Online games are addictive too, eating countless of hours that should have been devoted to their studies.

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