Education: How Young Filipinos View It?

Posted: Mayo 14, 2012 in Commentaries
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Technology has tremendously changed the course of education in the past few decades. Young people’s understanding of education is undoubtedly different from their older counterparts. They have faster access to information than ever before.

Gone are the days when students need to go to the library to read tons of books because internet made all information available on the tips of their hand. They can now attend classes even while vacationing at the beach. Online universities made it possible for them. However, young people are less-critical because they let the internet do to the job for them. They trust “Google” more than anyone else without considering that the information provided by it is not all reliable. They also have no academic integrity because Internet made plagiarism easier. Not to mention the different web sites offering ready-made academic papers for a fee.

Undeniably, the advancement of education through technology is awesome; however its harmful effects are alarming too.

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