Communication: How Young Filipinos View It?

Posted: Mayo 14, 2012 in Commentaries
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Another aspect extremely influenced by technology is communication.

 Young Filipinos’ view of social communication differs from how their parents view it before. Technology makes it possible for them to communicate faster thru emails, cheaper thru cell phones, and easier thru blogging and various social networking sites. However, aside from its whopping benefits, technology has negative impacts too.

 Technology steals young people the opportunity to experience and learns several things in life.

 Comparing them to the old ones would yield us several generalizations. They are more impatient now because everything for them should be instant. They lack intra-personal skills because they prefer communicating online rather than communicating face-to-face. And they are more arrogant now because internet can answer all their questions.

It’s true that technology build invisible bridges between people who are poles apart, but it is also true that it build invisible walls between our neighbors too.

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