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Taxonomy is the science of naming things. Well, I know that Taxonomy has nothing to do with the topic. But here’s what I want to point out here. If there is a science intended just for naming things, then it means that naming is something that we need to  take seriously. There is power in naming because a name would give someone his/her own identity. Please don’t get me wrong. I definitely agree that it’s our attitude and character that would define us as a person, but others would still identify us using our names. Take for instance the case of “Adolf Hitler”. I rarely see people named after him after the catastrophic Jewish Holocaust. Why? Because there is a lot of negative connotations attached to his name. No one wants to have a name that is almost equivalent to evil, right?

My name ‘Louderick’ was derived from my father’s nickname which is ‘Lody’. However, according to my mother, it was one of my cousins who gave me that name. My parents are too lazy giving names. I proved this when they named my youngest brother ‘Louderich’. In fact, the last letter of his name is the only difference from mine(I know, it’s pretty obvious…).

 Given the opportunity to go back in time, I wished my parents gave me a different name. This is because my name had caused me a lot of ridicule when I was younger because it sounded like ‘Roderick’ – the name of an actor comedian who is famous for his gay roles. During my elementary years, my classmates would always call me names equivalent to the word homosexual because of this. This incident made me feel inferior about myself. I started isolating myself from my same-sex peers and started making friends with the opposite sex only. Probably this is one of the main reasons why I ended up being one (laughs!). As I grow older, I realized that there’s nothing wrong being gay. I really tried my best to excel in my studies. In fact, I finished elementary and high school with flying colors. This helped me to gain my classmates respect and at the same time, it helped me to feel good about myself. Right now, they no longer equate me to the actor comedian because I proved to them that my name has a better definition beyond that.
According to my father, he and his siblings’ names were from the Kalendaryong Tagalog or the Don Honorio Lopez calendar. Their names were picked from that calendar based on their birthdates and according to the saints who have feast on that same day. Nowadays, younger generations of Filipinos are named after celebrities and American-sounding names. Some parents are creative by combining their names too. Aside from this, I adore parents who named their children using original Filipino names like Liwayway, Malakas and Luningning. I want to name my children the same way.

The sweetest sound to someone is the sound of their own name. Just saying someone’s name correctly is equivalent to showing respect to that person. That’s why exerting effort to pronounce someone’s name is of utmost importance, especially if you just recently meet that person. So what’s in a name then? Well, the answer for this question would be –‘everything’. Our name is our identity to others. It’s our reputation. Therefore, we should protect it by all means.

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